Training & Instruction

MV Training caters to each client with custom training and lesson options from full training to individual lessons or single rides.  I especially enjoy starting young horses under saddle for continuation in any discipline, and offer a special 3 month package for those horses.  Training sessions may consist of ground work, lunging, and of course riding, all dependent upon the horse's level of training and fitness.

I pride myself on providing a training program suited to each horse's level of sensitivity and rate of apprehension.  Progress is made through confidence building routines tailored to each individual strength. I apply the same techniques when instructing riders, ensuring  basics are clearly understood before progressing to more advanced movements.

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"Alexis trained for me when I had my facility in Grass Valley. She took in outside horses, and also trained some of the youngsters that I was raising. She has worked with many different breeds of horses and she has an innate ability and sensitivity to quickly figure out what each individual horse - and its owner - needs from her. She never ceased to amaze me what she could get out of a horse in such a short period of time. She is an articulate instructor and can convey things in a way that few others can, so that her students can actually apply what she's trying to teach them and make it work. I highly recommend her for both training and lessons, you won't be disappointed."       ~ Theresa Sheridan