Biomechanic Clinics

Would you like to improve your riding

from this   to this?
My riding started to transform with my very first lesson, and it has continued to progress with every lesson since.” - Christi Clayton

Do you struggle with finding your seat, achieving consistent responses
from your horse to your aids or lack confidence in your riding?

Clinics with Alexis MV will teach you how to change your horse
for the better through correct use of your body mechanics.

Before: Rider is collapsed in her back and not supporting her own body weight causing the horse to be hollow and against the hand.
After: Rider is now aligned in neutral spine and has an engaged core enabling the horse to round her back and push from the hind end.

An all day clinic with Alexis includes private lessons for 8 riders plus an
hour of lecture/ unmounted work for the participants and auditors.

Custom options also available, contact Alexis for details or scheduling.